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Getting The Training Camp Match Fit

It is easy to keep a football pitch in tip-top condition when it belongs to a professional club and is situated in a stadium. The amount of money they have to spend on maintenance depends on what league they are in, but every professional club employs at least one groundsman.

But what about the pitches used for training camps? They are often in parks and recreation grounds owned by the Local Authority who have limited funds to spend on maintaining the pitches. The training camps are usually run by a dedicated team of volunteers who do everything from registering the kids, coaching them, supporting them and getting the turf match fit. Continue reading

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10 tips for Eating Right as a Footballer

Athletes utilise a lot of energy when engaging in rigorous sporting activities such as training hard every day for football. In order to cope well, the body needs a well balanced diet that is composed of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other minerals.

Food is fuel for the body and an athlete needs to watch what they eat to ensure the body stays healthy and strong.

Below are 10 tips for eating right as a footballer. Continue reading

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Torn Achilles – The Long Road to Recovery

I had finally decided to join my wife in attempting a marathon. This would be my first one.

We were enjoying the training, getting close to the last few miles of a 15 mile run, when I felt a popping feeling in my leg followed by the most intense pain I had ever experienced.

Well that sure put an end to my training fast, the doctor at the hospital examined my leg and found some swelling and a very tender bruising that I had not seen.

This along with the pain convinced him that I had a torn or ruptured Achilles tendon. Continue reading